What we are

Wyoming Progressives is a non-partisan activist group dedicated to civic engagement, community outreach, education, and building movements all around genuinely progressive issues.

We were formed by a group of Wyoming citizens dissatisfied with the losses of the last 40 years and the general failure of electoral politics to deliver on reforms and improvements that wide portions of the public want.

To that end, what we do largely centers around building mass movements for progressive issues. We want to get people talking again and engaged on issues. Occasionally, we have been known to endorse genuinely progressive local political candidates, but we stress very strongly that, as a group, we hold no allegiance to any particular political party.

We are a non-partisan group because a) studies have demonstrated majoritarian support across party lines for a wide variety of progressive issues and b) we recognize that one of the major obstacles to overcome in building mass movements is the tribalist attitudes that many people box themselves into when it comes to politics. Who's on which team? What causes someone to dismiss and shut down a discussion when they learn what party the other is registered with? Why is it taken as a personal affront when criticism is leveled at the "team leader"?

At Wyoming Progressives, we strive to leave our party loyalties at the door and focus on engaging with people on issues regardless of their political persuasion.

If all this still seems rather vague, then please have a look at our pages outlining some progressive issues and just what progressivism even means.